This project aims to profile and document the nutritional properties of five staple crops in two major countries in West Africa - Nigeria and Ghana. The broader impact of this project is to help every community represented in Africa make informed nutrition/dietary decisions by leveraging a nutrient database. Our objectives align with the third goal of the agenda 2063 promoted by the African Union (AU) to achieve a prosperous Africa and transform it into a self-sustaining global player.

The project objectives and expected outcomes are to:

  • Characterize the nutritional qualities of staple crops in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Report on how these findings relates agronomic systems and nutrition in Nigeria and Ghana.
  • Use collected data to create an open-access online platform for public reference.
  • Collaborate with the AU Semi-arid Food Grain Research and Development (AU-SAFGRAD) specialized technical office, the AU Department of Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development (HHS), and the AU Mission in DC on the development and maintenance of Database.
  • Conduct a media campaign to advertise the new platform, including publishing research findings on AU website.

The Team

Monisola Alashi

Food Scientist

Adesuwa Erhunmwunse

Soil Biogeochemist/Microbial Ecologist

Abimfoluwa Olaleye

Agronomist/Environmental Specialist

Idowu Atoloye

Climate-smart Agriculture Expert

Anuoluwapo Ogunleye

Soil Health Expert

Akwasi Opoku

Soil Health Expert

Afolabi Agbona

Data Scientist/Predictive Plant Breeder